Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thrift Store Review: Temptations Boutique

Recently I visited Leavenworth, Washington. It's a touristy little town which has buildings designed and decorated to look like those of small towns in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

While I was there, I found an interesting little shop called Temptations Boutique which sold new, used and vintage items of clothing, accessories and jewelry. For those who want to be frugal but still have a weakness for shoes, this store had quite a great selection of shoes at reasonable prices.

I also found a big selection of jeans. If you're someone who needs a pair of jeans, I'd suggest shopping for them in a store like this instead of buying a brand new & possibly much more expensive pair in a regular retail store.

The biggest surprise for me was finding a bathing suit for only $15 that seemed to be brand new and "Made in Canada!" A very exciting find because it looks like a one-piece when worn but it's actually a 2-piece. One-piece suits are such a hassle to put on and take off! Plus there's the added bonus option of wearing the top part by itself as a top.

For those who have dogs, there are also cute little dog outfits!

There's a $3 rack.

There's also comfy seating where friends and family may relax while you shop and try on outfits

Here's a cute little sign that was just outside the boutique and it's special for those who are "shoe-o-philes." Is that a real word or did I just make that up?!

Here's a little video I made of photos I took around the boutique:


Apologies that I didn't include images that show you the many jeans and shoes available.

Temptations Boutique
900 Front Street #D
Leavenworth, Washington
Owner: Sandy Johnson
Tel. 509-782-4206

If you're planning to visit, be sure to call to make sure it's open.
Sometimes if it's been a slow day, the boutique may close earlier.

If you are in the area of Leavenworth (the one in Washington state), be sure to check out Temptations Boutique.

Note: This business doesn't have a website but it does have a Facebook page.